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A trip to… the Cereal Killer Cafe

Shit just got Cereal at the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane. They only sell cereal… well, also Pop Tarts and toast, but since it was my first time I opted for a French classic, Chocopic. It tasted like the family holidays we used to have in France, the only time we were allowed sugary cereals. I love the idea, but was a bit disappointed about the portion size – I went for medium, but I would have described it as small. My friend had coconut milk, which was the best thing I’ve tasted in at least a week.

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Strong Asian Mothers on tha Roooof!

Strong Asian Mothers at a onesie party:

Dalston Roof Park was the host of Oxjam on Friday, where Strong Asian Mothers joined My Panda Shall Fly for some rooftop frolicking. What the venue lacked in volume was made up for by astro turf and hay bails, and the prices which were pretty reasonable. Highlights of the night include MC Cookie spontaneously taking to the stage, bad face painting and the drawings in the toilets… (see pics)

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Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video & the Terry Effect

I’ve got a theory… and I haven’t really thought about it too hard, but even from the first time I watched Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video (actually, I HAVE only watched it once…) It seemed to me to be edited really awkwardly. I knew about all the controversy around it – that’s why I was watching it, so I could see why people were saying she was being exploited by the music industry, and in particular, Terry Richardson who directed it. (A fashion photographer who’s notorious for being sexual and making models do things for the promise he’ll further their careers). However, i did think then that had it been edited differently it might have slipped under the controversy net for being just another porny teen music video. It’s really subtle: the way she stares at the camera just that little bit too long, the moment of doubt creeping into her eyes before it cuts. Something about the cuts being not quite in time (this could be checked I’m sure – but not by me) with the music.

Why was there so much fuss? My theory is that when we watch this video, we see what appears to be a vulnerable young woman claiming to be empowered but coming across as exploited and awkward, the flash of virginity behind the bravado. And it must be deliberate – it stands to reason that it would be. Terry Richardson plays with sexuality in his work, and he revels in degradation, humiliation and power-play. There’s so much power in the editing – and so much of what makes his work stand out is its weird sense of something being off, not quite right – someone being ruined for our viewing pleasure. It shames us to look, and that is why we do not look away so easily. So, if I’m right, it’s not a video trying to be just another sexy video. And it’s not a video trying to empower a young woman to be sexual. It’s a video telling the uneasy story of a young woman who is trying to be sexual because she thinks she’s empowered but is actually being exploited by the industry and by us. And that’s the story he wants to show, whether he’s let her in on it or not. My guess is, that’s not the true story. But it’s the one he’s told to get the most attention, perhaps, but also because that’s what he likes – shame, disgust, women being exploited. My guess is it turns him on. Not that I’m saying none of it is down to her. I actually believe she’s just as empowered as she says she is.


Having just rewatched the video to check i still think those things, i have another theory – maybe he’s just not very good at directing because it’s more like a film of a photo shoot, and that what makes it seems awkward. Well, either way, it’s awkward…


About Chicalic…

Chicalic is about mixing it up – finding something precious in a pile of old crap, digging and digging and seeing the potential in something old or something uncool. I don’t like wearing things that make me look too prim and proper, because I’ve got quite a plain, English Rose type look anyway, and it looks like I’m doing it seriously like a Shoreditch Indie twat. But my friend who is half Jamaican looks great in pearls and twinsets, because her look naturally breaks the stereotype. But I do like wearing stuff that old women would wear: pleated, ankle length skirts, big necklaces, because it’s unexpected.

3415 rs_634x1024-140407073656-634.Lady-Gaga-JR1-4714 images (49)Bjork-s-Swan-Dress-Will-Be-Auctioned-For-Charity-2I like people who take risks and do stuff differently. Jean Paul Gaultier, Coco Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Bjork, Tim Burton, Lady Gaga. People who celebrate, above all, personality. Because style should be about innovation, about not being afraid to be different. Punk is all about recognising what the system is and pissing all over it, and I know alot of punk style has now strayed a bit far away from the point, but it’s there in spirit.

marilyn-manson-lady-gaga-candy-magazine-0vivienne-westwood-all-state--large-msg-134407882021images (50)After spending some time in LA recently, I realised something about England. When I arrived back at Heathrow airport I saw a sign above the travelator saying ‘Face Direction of Travel’, and I thought – ‘only in England’! It’s obvious which way you’re meant to face, but only in England would you need a sign telling people they had to face the right way. I’d always seen all these little orders and signs as annoying and indicative of something sinister, but in fact I think it’s the opposite. It’s because we are a punk nation, a nation of people who ask questions, speak up for ourselves, aren’t afraid to be unruly, messy or difficult. Or different. Difference is celebrated – just look at our teeth! We’d rather have wonky teeth than all look perfect and homogenous. I heard that American directors are increasingly looking for English actors because they have less botox hence more facial expression, and British models have always been popular. A recent article in Vogue cited this reason exactly: British culture celebrates uniqueness, personality and difference, so the models are more interesting and therefore more successful.
I don’t want to look like everyone else – fashion is about expression

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